Syn Gas, Wales, UK

Customer required multiple generators to export power the national grid.
The site is running a gasification process running on RDF or black bag waste that would normally end up in landfill.

LPG, Mexico

Generators supplied for rental fleet in Mexico.
These were for building sites and remote living
Conditions were challenging due to altitude of
2500 MASL in some places and as they were
rental they also had to run on the coast at
sea level.

Wellhead Gas, Australia

Coal bed methane project in Australia.
Client required generators to run of the
unrefined gas and produce power to remote
site 24/7. As the sets are remote they require
a high level of reliability and the conditions
Are very harsh with ambient temperature
Exceeding 50°C.

CHP installation, Ireland

Combined Heat and Power, Northern Ireland, UK

Customer required maximum 500kWe CHP unit to run continuously providing power to sell to the NIE grid and heat to be used for the two digesters, pasteurizer and other parts of the site. We delivered two sets instead of one so that he could still produce power and heat even while one set was down for planned or unplanned maintenance.

Bio gas installation, Azores

Combined Heat and Power, Azores

The gas engines installed at a pig farm in the Azores. The farm waste generated is put into an Anaerobic Digestion plant, from which the gas engines, currently Perkins 4008 TESI run to supply power back to both the farm and the national grid.

Combined Heat and Power, Turkey

Combined heat and power
Provide 3MW of power to the site and to the local area, using gas produced from the waste water on site. The excess heat from the engines is pumped back in to the process, and helps keep energy costs to a minimum.